Opens for you

when you are not around

Opens is an innovation of and Smidesign currently in development.

We aim to focus on the positive site of the security of us all in a usable package.


No internet and battery needed

Validated keys always open

What does this mean for your bussiness?


Share access, always, temporary or when in need

To reach new markets!

Like we are doing for velo-box

Make as much keys as you want, never worry about abuse or getting payed

Opens locks have wireless keys that you put in your, phone, watch, jewellery.

They have a controllable lifetime!

And can be made available to your customer after he/she pays, instantly

Don't replace batteries

Opens lock require no batteries,
keys work when your phone is not charged

This means you can use them when getting out or in is a security risk!

No need to add wires, just add Opens and it will work for everybody!

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+32 472 50 58 59

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